About Supatham Organization

One can wonder, What is Supatham Organization? Why does it exist, and what are its goals and so on. This FAQ document is intended to address most of these questions. On reading this if you are left with any further questions, please e-mail us at info@supatham.org

What kind of an organization is this ?

Supatham is a non-profit organization.

Is it 501c3 certified?

Yes, Supatham Organization's 501c3 certification application has been filed and yet to approved by the IRS, However, With this 501c3 application, all contributions made to Supatham Organization are tax-deductible.The IRS Tax id # for Supatham Organization is 81-1312985

Is it associated with any Guru, Swamiji or Acharya?

Supatham Organization is not associated with any one Guru, Swami or Acharya or Sampradaya. We can say however, that it is fundamentally inspired by the "Promote and follow the path directed by Jagadgurus Ramanujacharya, AdiSankaracharya and Annamacharya".

How does it generate funds for its activities?

No part of the net earnings or revenues of the Organization will insure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual

Today Supatham Organization is entirely dependent on donations for its activities. These donations come from lay Hindus who are inspired by Supatham's activities and wish to support it.

How can I contribute to Supatham Organization?

First of all, we are very open to contribution, from anyone who feel strongly about the causes that we are articulating.

There are few areas where we are seeking your help the most :

Leadership – We need Initiative Leaders who are willing to bring forward their time and energy to support various projects and programs.

Volunteers – We need Volunteers who can work with our Initiative Leaders, and bring various projects and programs to fruition.

Donations – We need your money. Nothing worthwhile can be accomplished without financial support, and we invite you to donate generously to Supatham Organization.

How do I contribute financially to Supatham Organization?

You can make a payment on our Web site. http://www.supatham.org and make donations through Paypal.

How do I get in touch with Supatham Org ?

E-Mail us at info@supatham.org

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